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The Retaxierung of recipes is a vexed issue for pharmacists. Basically, the insurance companies reserve the right to review the requirements of pharmacy of medicines deliveries. The period of this test is up to 12 months. If the error is health insurance, it can recover the compensation in whole or in part. For pharmacies, it is an advantage if this Retaxierungen can be processed accurately and with as little effort as possible.

LxRetax supports pharmacies in the processing and settlement of Retaxierungen. The automatic import of recipe data and the recipe images, the data base is available to edit the Retaxierung quickly. lxRetax guides the user by means of an optimized workflow targeted by the Retaxierungsprozess so that the data entry is reduced to a minimum. Of course, all bills and appeal letter will be automatically generated and archived immutable. In addition, numerous statistics allow the evaluation of the Retaxierungsdaten and help the pharmacies, identify any errors and weak points in their workflow.

The main features

of a software according to your ideas


Import tool to import the recipe data

  • Reading the recipe data from the VSA data CD
  • Transformation and schema-free storage of data in a NoSQL database (MongoDB)
  • Reading out the image and storing the recipe corresponding to the record in the database
  • OCR various data of the recipe and the image stored in the database

Web application

  • Search for recipes with PIC / PZN-number or recipe ID
  • Display of recipe image for each recipe
  • Automatic assignment of Retaxierungen to objections, invoices or bills for the VSA
  • Generation and archiving of all documents in PDF format
  • Creation of credit for a production organization
  • Master data management (pharmacy, prescription laboratories, manufacturing facilities, grounds for opposition, reasons for complaints)
  • Comprehensive statistics for evaluating the Retaxierungen


Pictures say more than a thousand words, that's why we made you a few screenshots.


that will impress

Retax was developed in compliance with high requirements as Single Page Application. Security against outsiders, effectiveness for your workflow and extensive trial of the technology used leading to the product of your imagination.

MongoDB logo

Document databases

Durch unsere Spezialisierung auf das NoSQL-Datenbanksystem MongoDB für lxDOC3 ergibt sich eine schemafreie Datenhaltung, welche Ihnen unglaubliche Dynamik in Ihrem Dokumentationsprozess bietet und den Umgang mit beliebigen Datenstrukturen ermöglicht. Schmale und klar gestaltete Datenbanken sind die Folge und unvorhergesehene Anpassungen sind dadurch mit Leichtigkeit durchzuführen.

Diese Art der Technologie bietet Ihnen die Flexibilität, die es benötigt für eine reibungslose Aufnahme Ihrer Daten.

further features and technologies:

  • Single Page Application (the application is loaded once and then acts like a local application of)

  • Extremely fast data transfer in real time via WebSockets

  • As you navigate through the application of the pages are not reloaded

  • Even unsaved form data is not lost when changing views

  • Automatic updating of all changed data without the page needs to be updated manually


for optimum safety and speed


Everytime and everywhere

To use lxRetax no software installation is necessary. All you need is an Internet connection and a modern browser. This makes working with lxRetax so flexible and independent of time and place.

This flexibility allows you to work on desktop systems (PC) or mobile devices (tablet, notebook). Here also your operating system does not matter. We assure flawless organization - under any circumstances.

For the operation of lx Retax only a modern browser is needed. These include e.g .:

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